Mary will fight for the issues important to the residents of the 175th District.

Harrisburg isn't the most progressive place. But Mary has a history of fighting for the progressive values that we care about. And she has the experience to get things done.


  • Fully Fund Our Public Schools
  • Reform Charter Schools
  • Make College Afordable
  • Reduce Student Debt


  • Move PA to Renewable Energy
  • Protect Our Clean Water
  • Require Gas Drillers to Pay a Fair Tax

Gun Control

  • Ban Assault Weapons
  • Take Guns Out of Hands of Menally Ill
  • No Guns For Those on No Fly List

Equal Rights

  • Protect the LGBT Community
  • Fight for Women's Rights
  • Stand Up for Working Families

Government Reform

  • Campaign Finance Reform
  • End Gerrymandering
  • Merit Based Selection for Judges


  • Increase Access to Affordable Healthcare
  • Reduce the Cost of Prescription Drugs

State Representative Mike O'Brien

I have known Mary for over 12 years and she has served most of that time as my Chief of Staff. I could not have accomplished everything I did for the 175th District without her help. I am confident she will serve the district well as our next State Rep.
Rep. Mike O'Brien


Planned Parenthood

Conservation Voters of PA


Humane PA

Firefighters Local 22

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

Want to know more about Mary's positions?

Click the button below to contact Mary's campaign. They will make sure to answer any questions you have about her positions on issues and her plans for the 175th District.
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